Yoga On The Terrace

My Wednesday Traveling Workout

When I booked our trip to Amalfi, I had one main goal in mind in terms of accommodations: To book an apartment with a large terrace on which to do bodyweight workouts.

I knew there wouldn’t be easily accessible gyms in Amalfi and wouldn’t be accustomed to my typical yoga class–this region of Italy is much less equipped than Rome or other major cities. I also knew that most of the beaches would be rocky and populated, making beach workouts near impossible. So, I did what I always do: I planned ahead and made a commitment to just do my best–no more, and no less.

As such, I packed a travel yoga mat that folds up into a compact square and my speed rope. Neither of which take up space in my bag, and both of which allow me to perform a variety of body weight workouts on our Amalfi terrace–including, of course, my daily yoga practice.

So, while I don’t have lots to work with this week, I do have lots of space and a fabulous environment. After doing 8 minutes of yoga as a warmup, I did the following workout:

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 5 minutes:

Glute Bridge x20

V-up x10

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 5 minutes:

Burpee x0

Squat Jump x15

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 15 minutes:

Double Under x15

Lunge Jump x20

Efficient and effective–that’s how I like to roll. Afterwards, we walked 3.5 miles along the coast, from Amalfi to Maiori, in order to spend a bit of family time on one of the sandier beaches.

While I’m traveling, I’ll absolutely hit up a gym or a Crossfit box, but I won’t go too far out of my way to do so. I know that the gym will still be there when I get home, and I know I’m not going to set any PRs while traveling, so I don’t stress out over it. I just do my best–which, incidentally, is also what I do when I’m not traveling.

Back in my obsessive dieting and training days, I’d go as far out of my way as necessary to find a well equipped gym, which would typically cut a total of 3 hours out of my day. There was an almost tangible urgency towards accommodating my diet and training schedule, regardless of where I was in the world.

Today, void of such obsessions, I’m happy to get in a quick 20 minute workout on the terrace because I’m not interested in perfection–I’m interested in momentum. It took a lot of trips and a lot of practice to replace this sense of urgency with a more relaxed desire for momentum, but it was totally worth it. The thing is, life is just too damn short to stress out over these things, especially while in a place as picturesque and relaxing as the Amalfi Coast.

I workout when I travel so that when I get home I haven’t lost my momentum, and because moving just feels so much better to me than the alternative. I love having this kind of freedom in my life–it’s no much more blissful than urgency and obsession.

For those that are looking for a quick travel yoga workout or something they can do in a pinch, here is a workout I have done before and will many times do.

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