Maria EdgeWell you’re probably here to figure out who runs this thing and what it’s all about. So here are some answers to some common questions.

Who runs this place? Maria Edge

My name is Maria Edge (cool name right) and I started this site simply because I love Yoga and could talk about it all day. We are all about Yoga here and what I like to call True Yoga (hince the name of the site).

What’s the site about?

True Yoga is an area for yogis, to assemble and speak to each other regarding yoga, yoga-related things, and in some cases head of states re-imagined as yoga exercise educators. We also delve into nutrition and other fitness related topics as well but it’s all based around Yoga.


Just what is a True Yoga Reader Typically Like?

Basically Yoga nerds who can’t seem to get enough of Yoga and wish to further their Yoga knowledge more and more all the time.


What’s So Great About Yoga?

Well Yoga changed my life and helped me become a much happy, healthier and attractive version of myself. I used to suffer from depression and many times would find myself just lying in bed all day if I ever had the chance. I went to a Yoga class with a friend and the first class I took I was hooked! I was amazing at how relaxed I felt during and after class but the real thing that drew me to it was the mental clarity It gave me. It’s changed my whole outlook on life and has made me a better person.


Do you have an email address?

Maybe, depends on if you want to give me praise or criticize me I suppose. Just kidding. Yes my email is Maria@yogacdrom.com. Feel free to visit the site and say hi, send us some pointers, vent, rant, and so on.


Can I add to your site?

We are always looking for more info to put on the site so feel free to email me any ideas you have or articles that you have written that you would like to submit.


Can I advertise on your website?

Of course! Head over to the advertising and marketing page for even more details.

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